Price List

  • New appointment – £50 (up to 1 hr)
  • Review appointment – £40 (up to 40 min)
  • Sports massage – 1st appointment (with physiotherapist) £40 (up to 40 min) to include discussion on your requirements (Please note this is not an injury assessment session).
  • Sports massage follow-up appointment –
    • £30 (30 min)
    • £40 (40 min)
  • Running and Walking Clinic follows same as initial consultation – £50 and review appointments – £40
  • We also offer an extended session with combined initial and review appointments for sports performance – £80 (approx. 1.5 – 2 hours) e.g. functional biomechanical video analysis, functional movement assessment, dynamic movement skills and running technique coaching dependent on assessment findings.
  • Golf Clinic – Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 screen or injury assessment/intervention – £50
  • Bike Fit Clinic Advanced Fit (approx. 2.5 – 3 hours) –
    • to include initial consultation, movement screen, bike fit analysis plus intervention for bike/foot-pedal interface (all cleat adjustments) and exercises, if indicated – £120 (includes cost of wedges/shims, but additional cost required for 20mm pedal spacers)Please note: Not all fits require additional inserts. Occasionally more extensive corrections e.g. 20mm pedal spacers may be recommended, dependent on degree of alignment issues present, such as altered movement related to an arthritic or restricted hip joint. Provision of standard 20mm pedal spacers typically cost £18 per spacer.   
  • Bike Fit Clinic Standard Fit (approx. 1.5 hours) –
    • to include initial consultation and bike fit analysis for saddle height, reach, handle bars positioning, plus cleat fore/aft position only – £80 (excludes movement screen, full foot-pedal interface analysis and wedges/shims provision). Follow-up session to upgrade to Advanced Fit – £80.


Acupuncture – if receiving acupuncture this is included within standard new or review appointment costs.

Resistance band – a small additional charge (£3 per metre) is applied for issue of this equipment.

Kinesio tape – we do not charge for providing one-off applications of single strips, however an additional charge may be discussed for more complex or repeated taping procedures. Alternatively, we may recommend purchase of your own individual roll to enable multiple applications either at the clinic or self-applied at home.

Payment: Please note that payment is made at the end of each appointment unless prior alternative arrangements have been made.

Reductions: 10% of the initial consultation cost if attending school or full-time education.

Cancellation: Please give 24hr notice where possible (50% charge may be applied (discretionary) if less than 24hr).

Did not attend without contact: Full charge applied.

Card payment: Card payment facility is available.

Insurance Company: We currently provide insurance services for Bupa, Aviva, Cigna and Nuffield. This list will continue to evolve. Therefore, if your insurance provider is not included please let us know and we will work towards establishing this provision.

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